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What We're Doing

The world's largest network of street performers

We’re showing the world that busking is an honourable and viable way of making a living.

We’re giving buskers support in the street, protecting their livelihoods in the digital age.

And we’re getting cities to start treating busking as an artistic endeavour, rather than as a criminal matter.

Why it matters

Busking is vital

Busking provides work for the unemployed, it furthers careers, it rejuvenates cities, it creates communities. It is the only live performance that everyone can afford, regardless of background.

But, all over the world buskers are increasingly facing fines, arrests and stereotyping.

We’re here to do something about that.

Why we need donations

Growing without selling out

We're not following the traditional business model:
      • No ads
      • No corporate sponsors
      • No branding
      • No selling private data
      • All our basic tools are free

Instead of going into debt, selling out or hoping a VC sprinkles money on us, we need to go forward by involving you.

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Our Credentials and projects

4 years in the making

      • We’re the largest network of buskers in the world
      • We have an always-improving website
      • We’ve reached over a million people
      • We have 1,000 buskers signed up in 60 countries(!)
      • We created a book
      • We have a documentary in post-production
      • We presented our research to the UN
      • We have a mobile app on the way
      • We co-produced an international buskerfest in Vancouver
      • We have raised over $20,000 in donations (from people like you!)

How Much Should I Give?

What is this worth to you?

More pitches in more cities with more buskers performing to larger audiences. That's what we're working towards. And we can only get there with your help.

Social Mission

We're a company, not a charity, because we want to make quick decisions, be nimble, beat whatever corporate competition comes along AND stand on our own two feet without depending on grants for the rest of our lives.

And yet, we don't want to be motivated purely by profits. We have a social mission – and a promise that we will always follow it.

Read more about our Social Mission here:

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